OWASP Melbourne Meetup is a local OWASP Chapter in Melbourne, Australia that runs events on all things application security. I presented to the community on how to perform a basic buffer overflow.

Talk Description

The presentation will open with a quick recap of number systems, data types, the stack, memory and assembly. Then we ramp it up with a demo that finds ourselves deep inside GDB looking at assembly, stack dumps and hex. Concluding the presentation will be a challenge to test your skills!

This is a beginner-level presentation aimed at anyone with an interest in software security. No prior security knowledge is required, however If you’re completely unfamiliar with the below topics, having a quick read over the following may help you keep up, Basic understanding of:

  • Programming in C or C++
  • Number systems, base 2, 10, 16
  • Debugging… GDB, etc.
  • An idea of the x86/x64 assembly language
  • Bit of BASH

Slides can be found here.

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